It is claimed that White Eagle is the name by which ‘a very wise and loving spirit’ has made himself known. He brought into being the first Lodge in February 1936. The original 1936 building was bombed during the war and their main premises are now in Kensington, West London and Liss, Hampshire. However they have other groups in some 100 locations in Britain and overseas. These include Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Ipswich, Plymouth and Reading. Services are normally held every second Sunday although the Temple in Liss is open to visitors at other times.

The initial human channel that White Eagle spoke through, was Grace Cooke. She died in 1979 and her husband soon after in 1981; since then we are told that White Eagle’s inspiration – and theirs – has continued to guide the work.

The purpose of the Lodge is first to bring teaching that helps everyone develop their ‘inner light’, so that it flows out from them, and touches those around them. Second, spiritual healing, which plays a big part in the work of the Lodge.


Their beliefs are very similar to Spiritualists and we list below their official ‘Principles’.

1. That God, the Eternal Spirit, is both Father and Mother.

2. That the Son – the Cosmic Christ – is also the light that shines in the human heart. By reason of this divine sonship, all are brothers and sisters in spirit, a brotherhood that embraces all life visible and invisible, including the fairy and angelic kingdom.

3. The expression of these principles in daily life, through service.

4. The awareness of the invisible world, which bridges separation and death and reveals the eternal unity of life.

5. That life is governed by the five cosmic laws:

REINCARNATION. The earth life is like a school to which the soul returns many times until it has mastered all the lessons it can learn.

CAUSE AND EFFECT. As you sow, so you will reap, either quickly in this present life or, when deeper lessons have to be learnt, in following earth lives. This is also known as the Law of Karma.

OPPORTUNITY. Divine law places man in exactly the right conditions he needs to learn lessons and give service, and every experience which comes into his life brings its own opportunity for him to become more God-like, and there is a path of eternal progress for every soul.

CORRESPONDENCES. As above so below, as in heaven so on earth. Just as the human body is made up of minute cells, so we are minute cells in the body of the Cosmos – the microcosm is the Macrocosm in miniature, and the same laws apply throughout.

EQUILIBRIUM AND BALANCE. It is a fundamental law of life closely connected with karma, ensuring that extremism can only be carried so far before reaction pulls the soul back to normal. Joy and sorrow in human experience tend to follow this law which may also be described as the Law of Compensation.

6. That the ultimate goal of mankind is that the inner light should become so strong and radiant that even the cells of the physical body are transmuted into finer substances which can overcome mortality. This is known as the Christing of man, or, in the words of the Ancient Brotherhood, the blooming of the Rose upon the Cross of matter.

What is clear from these ‘Principles’ is that all references, to God as the Creator, and Christ as the Saviour are omitted. This is a ‘humanistic’ view of life that dangerously opens one up into the supernatural world without any safeguards.


They sum up their work in the Lodge under three headings, teaching, healing and communion.

Teaching the White Eagle philosophy, through books, cassettes, etc., is a major part of the work. Many talks have been recorded and many books written over the years.

White Eagle, by his presence, still directs closely the healing work. He causes people to come into touch with the power of God and the ‘Christ within our own hearts.’ Healing is both carried on with the laying-on of hands for people present and by ‘Absent Healing’. In the latter a group of six healers of which one must be a member of the Inner Brotherhood, gather. These ones are trained in giving healing by the means of thought and prayer and send out healing to some 15 – 20 people each time they meet.

Communion is called the ‘most sacred aspect of the work of the Lodge’. This involves learning to meditate to commune with God and ‘loved ones in the spirit world’.

One book written about the work is The White Eagle Inheritance by Ingrid Lind. Lind is a leading member of the Lodge and a well-known astrological counsellor. She believes that White Eagle is among the most influential of the Spiritual groups in Britain today. The book describes in detail the role of the Lodge in recent years. She shows how opportunities for service come through the Lodge, via their approach to Yoga and the study of the Zodiac.


There is no doubt that there is evidence of supernatural activity within the White Eagle Lodge. The question that needs to be answered though, is from which source does it come?

A review of the above information, in the fundamental understanding of Scripture, will, we believe, lead to the definite conclusion that the source is not from the Creator God of the Bible. No matter how genuine the people are, the spirit that is moving is from the counterfeit realm and must be treated as such.