Many of those in the New Age and indeed many who would not call themselves a new ager, believe in reincarnation and some would even say it comes from the Bible and therefore it must be of God. There are several different forms of reincarnation but they all have similarities. The belief is simply, if I do not reach the goal of perfection in this life and so be able to move on to my “eternal experience” I can go round and round as many times as I want until I make it. The goal of perfection is a gradual evolutionary process that is governed by the doctrine of karma(or fate) and the certainty that there is a second chance.

All these components are at odds with the teaching of the Bible and especially its central teaching of a loving God who cares for his people rather than fate and that man’s future is in his own hands.

If the future is governed by the law of reincarnation we might as well all give up now because no matter how many lifetimes we have we will never pay off our karmic debt, it will only ever increase.

The biblical message of salvation is far superior to the uncertain “hope” of reincarnation.

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