Reachout Trust Convention 2024

Reachout’s 2024 Convention is booked and ready for you. This year we will be at the High Leigh Christian Conference Centre in Hertfordshire. I look forward to welcoming you there on 6-8 September for a weekend of teaching, fellowship, and encouragement.

Since 1982 Reachout Trust has been a light in the dark world of cults, a clear witness to the truth we find uniquely in Christ our Saviour. A weekend of equipping and encouragement is so important to former cult members and those in transition who discover they are not alone, others have gone before them and Christians are eager to help. If you’re a Christian believer come along and be an encouragement, if you’re a former cult member come and be encouraged.

This year, among other issues, we will be looking at:

How cults work, and, ‘Why don’t they understand our message?’

The life and work of Charles Russell, founder of the Watch Tower Society, and what makes a cult leader.

Jehovah’s Witness eisegesis and how to correct it biblically.

Last year, I looked at why people join cults (you can watch it here). Building on that, I will be looking at the difficult journey of former cult members out of error into biblical truth. Let’s encourage them.

There will be so much more, of course, and we continue to work to put together a weekend of teaching that expands your understanding, grows your faith, and equips you for your every day encounter with unbiblical ideas.

Michael Thomas