What has happened?

If you feel that a friend or relative has been affected by supernatural evil – do not panic. First do make sure that it is not just a ‘false alarm’. If they have in some way opened themselves to the occult there would need to be a door. Find out what they have been involved with and what could be the doorway that has given the occult opportunity to take root in their life.

Second be aware that there is an answer to the problem because God’s supernatural power is greater than evil supernatural power that they welcomed into their life.

What should I do?

Talk to your friend or relative and reassure them that there is an answer to their problem. Make sure they are willing to talk with someone about what has happened and if so get them to contact their local Evangelical Christian church or if you do not know any in the locality contact Reachout Trust.

Why contact Christians?

You might feel that we are ‘making’ you become a Christian or at least ‘go to church’, however this is not true. Through the occult you have had contact with supernatural evil. By very definition of the word, ‘supernatural’ it means that this power is greater than you and you or indeed any other ‘natural’ being cannot control it. The only answer therefore is the supernatural good of God who is more powerful.

The basics steps that your friend or relative will need to be helped with are:

1. Admit they were wrong to get involved in the occult.

2. Clearly repent – turn their back on whatever it was they were involved with and have nothing more to do with it.

3. Be willing to give their life to God to be their Deliverer and Lord.

4. Ask Jesus to forgive them for their past involvement, drive out the evil supernatural power and fill them with His Holy Spirit.