Crystals are natural objects and as such hold no ‘supernatural’ or occultic power in themselves. However, when one person seeks to evoke power within them and another one opens themselves to receive that power there can be transference.

The questions we need to ask then are not about the crystals themselves because any object can be used in the way described above but the root to the problem is what power is being transferred?

Researcher on the New Age, Ray Yungen, writes in his new book, “For Many Shall Come in My Name”:

“Although it may appear to be a fad to the average person, the metaphysical use of quartz crystal, like most New Age practices, dates back to early history. Its usage is foiund in virtually all occult traditions. Today, crystals are being used by New Agers for basically two reasons – to enhance their meditation and to store energy.” – p.82

Many people with a ‘spiritual’ leaning to new age type beliefs use crystals and may not have ever questioned what the power is. Surely, they think, if it does good it must be all right and come from ‘god’. Unfortunately, this is not the case as there are clear cases where although something works and appears to do good its root is not from God but from another supernatural power source that in the end wants to control. Yungen again tells us:

“Metaphysicians will tell you that crystals by themselves contain no power or ability. They function as amplifiers for the energy during meditation.” – Ibid

This is the reason why an ‘evil’ supernatural force will appear to do good – it seeks to control and have a foothold in the life of a person.

There is however no need to fear because the power of God is greater than this secondary supernatural power and if you find yourself worried or affected in away make sure you contact the person who gave you these notes or the address at the bottom of the page.


The following quote was taken from a web site dealing with Crystals:

“There has come a time when everyone is drawn inexplicably to the stones of the earth… those magical gems created by the patience of time…whether you come to explore, or learn or believe, they are works of art from our Mother Earth… I use mine for healing, and particularly for meditation… losing myself in the colors and intricacies of pattern and light and shape… If you choose to study these wonders of Mother Earth, you will soon find they are a vital energy force. Use your senses to choose a few, allowing the colors to speak to you first… then let one rest in your open palm for a few minutes and see if it “speaks” to you. For me, the stone becomes energized… vibrating softly in my hand. This is how I determine if a crystal is needed at that time for my use. I have achieved great satisfaction from using my collection and I think you should look into crystals and study them if you have not already done so.”

First, we see from this that the hope for healing is being pout into the creation and not the Creator. God created the earth and all it contains but He did not place His energy into the stones. He wants to have a personal relationship and not simple let us feel a ‘vibrating’ force that could come from anywhere and anyone. One thing is clear God always manifest Himself as a person who loves and cares and never comes just as an inanimate vibrating force. Such feelings need to be questioned very carefully and traced back to the source.

In ‘theological terms’, there are clear warning signs about trusting the power from these stones. Although God created the world and all that is in it we read that this world did not remain in that harmony with Him but rather rebelled and now gave its allegiance to God’s enemy. We are told that at present the Devil is the ‘Prince of this World’ and it therefore follows that it will be his power that emanates from the things of the earth at present. One day this whole situation will be reversed and God will redeem the earth again to be totally His but in the meantime we need to be very suspicious of these ‘natural’ powers that have a supernatural root.

We read further on the Web Site of the “Health and Fitness Arcade,”

“Crystals are used everywhere in the world today for many purposes… And the healing properties of crystals cannot be denied anymore. Their ancient powers are now available for our personal benefit and planetary evolvement. Crystals and stones are pure manifestations in material form and varied colour frequencies of light, demonstrating to us the reality of clarity, stability, beauty, divine law and spiritual perfection. They are arriving on the scene in the nick of time to teach us how to activate and radiate the full potential of our own inner radiance… Crystal healing has now been rebirthed and will prove to be the most powerful method of healing not only for the body, but also in relieving ailments of the mind and heart which cause physical disease.

“On this web page we have tried to present the vast knowledge available on crystals in form of an easy to follow table that presents information and practical tips on 7 crystals that can be used on the 7 chakras. To determine where to put the respective crystals, please see our “Chakra Man/Woman” below the crystals’ table. For more indepth information, please click on the provided links and a click on the chakra picture will explain the function and beauty of these energy centres…

“You can, of course, wear your favourite crystal or simply put it into one of your pockets to achieve first results or simply to feel good. And to gain maximum benefit from crystals, you can meditate with crystals and/or have a healing session with a crystal healer… Place the selected crystal on the body, breathe quietly but deeply in and out repeating affirmations or simply asking the crystal for help.”

Here we see that there is more to Crystal Healing than simple buying and treating the Crystal as a luck charm, there must be transference of power that affects the inner you. The ‘ancient power’ of the crystal touches ‘our inner radiance’.

God is very clear when He shows that not only the world was put under a different power but that every man and women was born outside of a relationship with Him. To ‘find God’ we must seek it is not just a natural consequence. It is therefore also the case that any ‘energy centre’ within me is not under God’s control. Releasing this will not be helpful to bring us to God at all but will rather work against Him.

Chakras again are not something that God teaches in a quest to get to know Him but rather something that is associated more with occult healing than God’s healing.


The terminology and actions used in crystal healing is not that of the Christian God that can be personally known but rather that of an impersonal counterfeit force from God’s enemy.

Crystals themselves have no inherent power but can be used to transfer ‘power’ by someone who believes they can give it and someone who wants to receive it.

Many people may be unaffected by the attempted use of crystals but if you have had bad experiences do contact someone who understands about the Christian understanding of the spiritual realm and can help with any fear or questions you have. If you do not know of anyone do contact us at the Head Office address.