Baha’i’s are usually peace-loving people but it does not necessarily follow that such people have the true beliefs. We need to investigate further.

Some Main Teachings

Their belief is summed up by the following three statements:

  • Oneness of God. God is one and there is but one God for all the world. He is the Creator, Infinite and All-knowing. Known to men only through his messengers.
  • Oneness of religion. All the great religions came originally from God, revealed through His messengers. They are fulfilled in the Baha’i faith.
  • Oneness of mankind. All men are brothers and all belong to the same human family, Baha’u’llah says, “the Earth is but one country and all mankind its citizens.”


We agree that all men are part of the same human family but how can all the great religions come from the same God, when they disagree with each other?

God is made known through His messengers but we are told in the Bible to check out the messenger by His message. We will discover from this that some are preaching a false message.

For instance, it appears that the Baha’i teaches a different Jesus to the one found in the Bible. They say that He did not have the absolute truth but Jesus said, “I am the truth.” Surely then all religions are not fulfilled in the Baha’i faith as evangelical Christianity appears to be different.

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