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The Armstrong Legacy

Most Christians are aware of the changes that have taken place in the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) and it is a joy to see those who have come through to a personal relationship with Christ. However, we do need to be alert to the fact that the errors taught by Armstrong are still alive and well in Britain, and…read more →

Baha’i – 1

Baha’i’s are usually peace-loving people but it does not necessarily follow that such people have the true beliefs. We need to investigate further. Some Main Teachings Their belief is summed up by the following three statements: Oneness of God. God is one and there is but one God for all the world. He is the Creator, Infinite and All-knowing. Known…read more →

Baha’i – 2

Siyyid ‘Alí Muhammád was born in 1819 and became known as “The Báb,” or, the Gate. He declared on 23 May 1844 that he was the forerunner of the Promised One from God. Named, Mirza Husayn ‘Alí, Bahá’u’lláh (‘The Glory of God’) announced, in 1863, that He was the Messenger of God for this age and the Promised One of…read more →

Boston Movement Or Not

When Kip McKean resigned as the British leader of the Boston Movement or International Churches of Christ (ICC), as they are better known, last autumn, there was much speculation as to whether changes would take place in the movement or not. Kip McKean had run the church with a rule of authority that in the end led to his downfall….read more →

Christadelphians – 1

Some members of the Christadelphians have moved away from the traditional teachings of their group which were clearly different from mainstream understanding of the Scriptures. However, many still accept a way of salvation that is contrary to the true one. Although small in number, you will find many who will defend their beliefs with great tenacity. Some Main Teachings Some…read more →

Christadelphians – 2

The Christadelphians (CDs) were founded in America through the teachings of an Englishman, Dr. John Thomas. Thomas surviving a shipwreck in 1832, vowed that he would devote his life to searching Bible truths. Thomas was no stranger to Bible doctrine, being the son of a Congregationalist minister. However, he developed his own theories on the definition of many scriptures, with…read more →

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star

INTRODUCTION For obvious reasons, it is simple enough to classify a movement like the Brotherhood of the Cross and the Star (called in future either Brotherhood or BCS) as being outside orthodox Christianity. All the major Christian doctrines are interpreted very loosely and in fact there is a lot of inconsistency. There are also signs of much Islamic influence in…read more →

Christian Science

The following article was written by a former Christian Scientist Christian Science was founded by Mary Baker Eddy (MBE) in 1879, with their headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (S&H) is the text book which is used alongside the Bible (KJV) Many books attempt to describe Christian Science and its doctrine. However, I…read more →

Christian Science Today

You may ask yourself whether it matters about Christian Science today. After all, aren’t the church numbers in decline? Aren’t the churches closing down and being resold? Isn’t Christian Science just a minority cult? Surely, it just isn’t a major issue for today? It is true that membership is in decline, but to Christian Scientists, this just isn’t depressing. As…read more →


Background In reality, there should be no title to this article, as this group really has no name. Cooneyites is a nickname from one of their early leaders, and this is the one we will mainly use here. At the end of the nineteenth century, the evangelical Faith Mission sent William Irvine to lead work at Menagh in County Tipperary,…read more →