Who is receiving worship in Revelation 5:13 & 14?

Here Jesus is in His heavenly ministry. Who is receiving this honour, glory and worship? The One on the throne [Jehovah] AND the Lamb [Jesus]. Are we not to do what heaven is doing?

If at this point you receive this sort of answer – only because Jesus was standing next to Jehovah does it appear that when they bow down to Jehovah they are bowing down to Jesus – please note carefully v.8.

Point out that ‘every creature‘ gives this to Jesus, who therefore cannot be a created being. This means that I cannot believe the Bible and the Watchtower Society – which one do I choose.

The Watchtower Society says that Jesus is Michael the Archangel, a created being. If this is true, there is idol worship in heaven because creature would be worshipping creature. No angels, except the fallen ones, nor any other heavenly creatures ever receive worship. Jesus therefore must be God.

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