What does John 3:3 teach about being ‘born again’?

This verse is talking about one Kingdom, which the Bible shows clearly in Revelation 21 & 22, heaven and earth are rolled back into one. There is no great divide between heaven and earth but it is one Kingdom with one King.

The Bible does not give the picture that the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society presents of heaven and earth divided by a great gulf.

Because there is only one Kingdom, there is therefore only one way into the one kingdom. The Bible describes this entry as being ‘born again’. Anyone who wants to see the Kingdom must be ‘born again’. We all need the same experience; there are not two distinct groups.

The New World Translation clearly says ‘unless anyone’. Are you an ‘anyone?‘ If this is only for the 144,000 then God’s word is false when it says ‘anyone.’ What is the only way you will ever see the Kingdom of God [earthly or heavenly]?

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