Transcendental Meditation was brought to the UK by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This had been made possible through the Beatles visit to him in India in 1968. Thousands of their fans were willing to follow them to the feet of this guru.

Many think that TM is simply a series of exercises to help you relax. Indeed this is the way that it is usually advertised. However there is much more to it than that and there are many whose lives have been harmed by TM. The system is not proven scientifically and the religious and supernatural side of it is often hidden from those taking the courses.

For instance they are not told that in the initiation ceremony, allegiance and reverence is given to different gods and gurus, not to Jesus Christ. The mantra that is repeated hundreds of times a day is also calling upon a different deity.

TM and evangelical Christianity are dealing with opposite supernatural powers, they cannot be harmonised.

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