Take a close look at John 20:27-29

John 20 is about the events in Jesus’ life after His resurrection. In these verses it is the second time that Jesus has appeared to the disciples but the first time that Thomas sees Him.

In verse 27, Thomas is encouraged to believe. In verse 29 we, today, are encouraged to believe the same as Thomas believed. What was Thomas’ statement of belief?

Verse 27 tells us in the New World Translation, “In answer Thomas said…” In other words what he is about to say is his response to the encouragement of Jesus to believe. He therefore says to Jesus that I believe that you are my Lord and my God.

This is the clear statement of Scripture but the Watchtower Society has given several explanations. One is that Thomas got so excited he blasphemed. Another that he said, my Lord, looking at Jesus and, My God, looking up to Jehovah in heaven.

Please read these verses carefully. It clearly says Thomas said to Him (Jesus) both statements. Also what does the Society’s Kingdom Interlinear show for the word’s Thomas used. He said ‘ho theos,’ the phrase that the Watchtower Society say is used exclusively of Jehovah God. The Society admits this phrase is only used of Jehovah God in The Watchtower, July 1 1986, p.31.

Jesus is called not just ‘a god’ but ‘the God’. If this were not true, He would have had to rebuke Thomas in v29. Rather though He commends all those who will believe the same as Thomas believed. In the midst of those who would go out to teach the early church, Jesus accepts the acclamation that He was God. What would the apostles believe? What must we also believe from this incident?

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