The Watchtower, September 1 2004, printed an article “Beware of ‘The Voice of Strangers'” (see pages 13-18). On page 15 we read:

“Satan uses similar methods to mislead God’s people today. (Revelation12:9)He is ‘the father of the lie,’ and those who, like him, try to mislead God’s servants are his children. (John 8:44) Let us note some ways in which the voice of these strangers is being heard today.”

Obviously the best form of defence is attack and so ministries such as ours are attacked as being of the Devil, which means of course Jehovah’s Witnesses would not read what we say. We can see why they would want to call us of the Devil but do the 3 ways that they mention to test the voice of strangers characterise us or the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society?


The first test is:

“Deceptive reasonings. The apostle Paul states: “Do not be carried away with various and strange teachings.” (Hebrews 13:9) What sort of teachings? Since they can ‘carry us away,’ it is clear that Paul refers to teachings that undermine our spiritual balance.”

Spiritual balance is of course vital and at the heart of keeping one’s balance is standing on firm ground. What is our firm ground before Christ? That it is nothing of myself but I need to know what He has done. In other words my foundation is the completed and finished work of Jesus Christ, any other foundation and I am on unsure ground.

As I often say one of the main differences between true Christianity and every other belief system is that it begins at the end! We are given a completed and finished salvation and we spend our life working out our salvation. That is why there is assurance, in true Christianity, of our eternal future. It is not being presumptuous it is standing on the firm ground with great spiritual balance. Anything is makes us unsteady.

Does the Watchtower Society give good spiritual balance? We would say no, because it takes away the sure ground and causes instability in never knowing whether Jehovah has accepted them or not.

We would suggest, therefore, as far as this are is concerned, it is the Society that comes with the voice of the stranger whereas we would seek to come with the voice of the shepherd.

The second test is:

“Harmful associates. The voice of strangers may be heard through those with whom we associate. Harmful associations especially endanger youths.”

Bringing someone into a close relationship with Jesus Christ can never be harmful, whether to youths or adults but how about a relationship with the Society? Could the youth be harmed in their future life because they must only obey what the Society says and not discover truth by searching out every aspect of a matter? Could the future of a youth be severely impaired because they are encouraged not to continue with further education? Could the life of a youth be cut short because they are refused a blood transfusion? I would suggest that these issues which face every youth who has an association with the Society can be harmful.

Again, therefore, we would suggest, therefore, as far as this are is concerned, it is the Society that comes with the voice of the stranger whereas we would seek to come with the voice of the shepherd.

The third test is:

“False accusations. Although some news reports about Jehovah’s Witnesses are fair, at time the media let themselves be used to broadcast the biased voice of strangers. For instance, in one country a news report falsely stated that the witnesses supported Hitler’s regime during World War II… In several countries the media accused Witnesses of refusing to give medical treatment to their children and also deliberately condoning serious sins committed by fellow believers.”

Who, I must ask are making the false accusations here?


The Society say that the claim that they support Hitler is a false accusation. However, an investigation into the facts reveals another story. There follows part of the translation of a letter sent by the Society to Hitler. This first appeared in German in The Jehovah’s Witnesses a book by Friedrich Wihelm Haak, in 1977. For a fuller version see….

“Dear Reich Chancellor,

On the 25th June 1933 at the sports hall Wilmersdorf, Berlin, a conference was convened by some 5000 delegates of the Bible Students of Germany [J.Ws], representing several millions of Germans. These have for many years been friends and supporters of this movement. The purpose of this convention was for these representatives to explore ways, to inform fully the Reich Chancellor and the other esteemed officials of the German Empire, as well as to all other states the following standpoints: In certain parts of the country measures have been and are being taken against Christian men and women, who are unified in their positive belief. This in essence amounts to the persecution of Christians by other Christians, in that there have been accusations against us from the clerical front (especially from the Catholics) and which are untrue.

Though we are absolutely convinced of the objectivity of government departments and individual officials, we nevertheless observe, because of the extent of our literature and demands of the examiners of the material, the content and significance of our organisation is generally being falsely judged, and also is what our religious opponents in full prejudice bring against us.

Therefore, Mr. Reich Chancellor, the conference agreement with its accompanying explanation, is laid before you (and the leaders of the German Reich) by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, so that you may accept it as documentation of the fact that the Bible Students of Germany have but one single goal in their work; they purpose to lead people back to God, to witness to and honour the name of Jehovah the Almighty, the father of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We know for certain that you, Mr. Reich Chancellor, will not allow such activity to be disturbed.

The Brooklyn presidium of the Watchtower has always from its outset been German friendly. As a result of this in 1918 the president of the Society and the seven members of the governing body in America were sentenced to eighty years in jail, because the president refused to use his two magazines to incite war propaganda against Germany. These two journals ‘Watchtower’ and ‘Bible Student’ were the only ones in the entire country which rejected the pressure for war propaganda, and were therefore banned and repressed in America.

In the same way our Society’s presidium not only refused to take part in recent months, in the horror stories against Germany, but has even taken an opposing stand, which is underlined in the accompanying explanation; the clue to this is that the elements leading this onslaught of war propaganda (horror stories) in America, i.e., the Jews with business interests and Catholics, are also the ones who are conducting the most rigorous persecution against this Society and its leadership. By this and other resolutions hereby given, the rejection of this insidious calumny should follow automatically, i.e. that the Bible Students were actually supported by the Jews. Furthermore it was established by the 5,000 delegates, as expressed in the declaration, that the Bible Students of Germany are striving for the same high goals and ideals, as proclaimed by the government of the German Reich, regarding the relationship of man to God, namely (i.e.), the honesty (sincerity) of His creation, in response to the creator.

It was also established at the convention, that with reference to the relationship of the Bible Students to the national government (of the German Reich), no conflicts or differences of any kind exist, but on the contrary one can say – regarding the purely religious, unpolitical goals and efforts, – that these are in complete agreement with the parallel aims of the national government of the German Empire.

For the German states in which even bans on our services and prayer meeting are in place, and those who have been waiting many weeks for a just solution to the gagging of their religious life, the following points are expressed:

We intend to go on complying with the imposed restrictions, since we are certain the Reich Chancellor, as well as the other states governments, will, in recognition of the real situation, lift these measures, by which tens of thousands of Christian men and women would have ultimately to perish as martyrs, akin to the early Christians. Following on from this most earnest application and explanation comes a humble plea, namely to grant an opportunity for a commission (delegation) from our number to present personally to the Reich Chancellor or Minister of the Interior (Home Office) a responsible and true representation of our situation. On the other hand the Reich Chancellor himself could appoint a commission, which is not opposed to us by religious prejudice and themselves would not be professionally religiously biased, but would evaluate our position totally without prejudice, corresponding to the Reich Chancellor’s own just principles laid down for such purposes.

In anticipation of an expeditious and favourable consent, and the assurance of our utmost respect (high regard), we are, most honoured Reich Chancellor, Your most humble servants

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Magdeburg”

With this evidence we ask again, “Just who is making the false accusations?”

How about another one of their listed false accusations, refusing medical treatment? Their stance on blood transfusions is well known and it is refusing medical treatment.

Finally how about their deliberately condoning serious sins? Please look at for full info on this.

For the third time we would suggest, therefore, as far as this are is concerned, it is the Society that comes with the voice of the stranger whereas we would seek to come with the voice of the shepherd.


This reminds me of the stage magician, “Now you see Him and now you don’t.”

“Shortly before his death, Jesus foretold a grand preaching campaign to be accomplished by his followers. He said: “In all the nations the good news has to be preached.” (Mark 13:10) These words had an initial fulfillment in the first century, and the part played by holy spirit was noteworthy. It was holy spirit that directed Philip to preach to the Ethiopian eunuch. Holy spirit directed Peter to Cornelius, and holy spirit directed that Paul and Barnabas be sent out as apostles from Antioch. Later, when Paul wanted to preach in Asia and Bythinia, holy spirit in some way prevented him. God wanted the witness work to move into Europe.-Acts 8:29; 10:19; 13:2; 16:6, 7.

“Today, holy spirit is again deeply involved in the preaching work. In a further fulfillment of Isaiah 61:1, 2, Jehovah’s spirit has anointed Jesus’ brothers to preach. In the final fulfillment of Mark 13:10, these anointed ones, aided by the great crowd, have preached the good news literally in “all nations.” (Revelation 7:9) And the spirit supports all of them in this.” – The Watchtower, 1 February 1992, p.17.

For most Jehovah’s Witnesses there is nothing remarkable about that quote. However, when you compare this with the teaching of the second President of the Society, J F Rutherford, we see just how much God has changed His mind. I say God because obviously both then and now they would claim to be Jehovah’s mouthpiece.

“… the holy spirit would and did perform the office of helper, advocate and comforter of those who responded to the call to the kingdom, and until the gathering unto himself of his own… The Lord Jesus came to his temple in 1918, and that would mark the time of the cessation of the work of the holy spirit as an advocate, helper and comforter of the members of the church on earth. There the holy spirit was taken away…” – Preservation, 1932, pp.202 & 203.


Someone sent us some very interesting information from the 1967 edition of the Spanish New World Translation. These facts make for interesting reading. The inside page tells us that the version was:

“Translated from the version in English of 1961, consulting faithfully the ancient Hebrew and Greek Texts.”

In other words, this is a clear admission by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society that this version of the Scriptures was not translated directly from the original languages and so any errors would not have been checked.

This actually gives some interesting renderings and one of the most noteworthy is Hebrews 1:6 which reads,

“… and let all the angels of God adore him.”

The angels are to literally adore Jesus Christ, which of course means that they worship Him.

In Spain therefore, as indeed in the early sixties in Britain, the angels can worship Jesus, which of course means that He cannot be an angel!