From time to time, a document circulates, accusing the President of Proctor and Gamble that on a television show he claiming to be part of the Church of Satan.

This document is basically the same every time with just some slight differences to the information therein. The last time we saw this document, the name of the show was changed. What is always evident though, is that there is no information of, who sent it and so you cannot check the document from that end. However, you can check the television show that is mentioned and this is what you will find. There was no such appearance on the show of that date.

The following was cut & pasted from the website FAQ of the show last mentioned, the Sally Jesse Raphael show.

Sally listens: Rumor has it that the president of Procter and Gamble appeared on your show and said that he was associated with the Church of Satan. I would appreciate more information if you have any, perhaps a tape of the show if available. If this is a hoax, please let me know

Sally Sez: The rumor going around that the president of Procter and Gamble appeared on The Sally Show and announced he was a member of the church of Satan is not true. This a hoax that’s been going around in one form or another for the past 20 years…only originally, it concerned the Phil Donahue Show…then evolved to the Jenny Jones Show…and now it’s evolved to The Sally Show. The president of Procter and Gamble has NEVER appeared on The Sally Show…NEVER. Nor has any other person in authority at P&G. Any president of a multi-national corporation (including the head of P&G or Liz Claiborne) would be immediately fired by the board of directors if he or she did such a thing. Also, profits from any such corporation go to the stockholders…not a church designated by the president. Do not send money in to get a transcript. We do not provide transcripts or video tapes of our shows to the public. Frankly, this thing has gotten out of hand. If we had this man on our show, and he had said what it’s alleged he said, we would have scored a broadcasting scoop and would have trumpeted it to all the newspapers. It would have been to the show’s advantage. But there was no scoop, and there were no headlines.

According to Proctor & Gamble, the rumor you refer to started almost 20 years ago and is totally false.

For more information, please go to: the P&G web site