The following is a transcript from part of a very revealing message about the Watchtower organisation given around 2000 by a Circuit Overseer at Lincoln. I have added some comments in (italics).

Organisation leaders

‘Its how we support the organisation, how we support the anointed, are we giving them 100% whole sole support in this work and activity, or could it be that gradually our confidence and support might be drifting away. Are we really identifying ourselves as a sheep or a goat in the support and the allegiance we are giving God’s organisation in these last days, and that is what Jesus is saying.’

(It is this relationship to an organisation, not the one to Jesus, that the Society are still putting forward as the one that counts in our judgement before Jehovah)

When it gets down to the crunch, who is going to be a sheep or a goat, when it gets right down to the crunch okay, are you really going to stick with it. Because what He said was, notice this, He said in Matthew 24 and this is the key of it all. Matthew 24:42 which is the whole theme and thrust really of these sections of the Bible… He says keep on the watch therefore because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.

All right, then He says look in verse 44, on this account you too prove yourself ready, are we ready, because on an hour that you do not think it to be, the Son of Man is coming. And you know that prophecy could never ever have been fulfilled in the last 120 years in any other decade but this one.

(Here comes the beginning of a new excuse, which the WB&TS, the organisation, call ‘new light’).

Because Jehovah’s Witnesses for nearly 120 years have been on the edge of their seat in anticipation, everyone thought that Armageddon was just about here, just around the corner just over the hill, it was nearly here. I can remember being in the book study well over thirty years ago; I might have told you this before.

I happened to mention to the brothers well I think it could go another ten years yet, and they were on me like a ton of bricks, thought I had become apostate. We will never go another 30, 20, 10 years, its too bad it cannot last, it has been over 30 years. I think now the interesting thing is, if I was to say to the brothers and sisters, I think it could go another 10 years, you know what the response would be?

Well I suppose it could, I suppose it could go another 20, we do not know when it is going to be do we, and that is exactly what Jesus said. He said when you least expect it, that is when it is going to come, and I know there has not been another period of time, but now is that period of time when we do not really begin to expect it, like we used to expect it.

(With this explanation, he has turned all the false prophecy of the organisation into a means for the fulfilment of prophecy. Can this be Jehovah’s true mouthpiece?)

Here are the final two questions. Why did Jehovah allow us for 120 years to misunderstand

(He has finally come out and blamed God for the Society’s mistakes)

Matthew 24:34 about the Generation, why did He allow us, for He knew we got it wrong for 120 years, why?

I tell you why, because we never, ever, ever would have gotten His preaching work done.

(Who is the God of the Watchtower that must deceive His people to get His will done?).

Nobody would have been missionaries, nobody would have gone abroad nobody would have pioneered, they would have all raised children and gone to university. There is a hundred years to go yet we have no need to rush around have we? We never would have got hardly anything done, you would not have been in the truth today and I would not, because nobody would have bothered all that much, it was 120 years ago. Isn’t that right, marvellous you fooled me Jehovah, they got it wrong but it will do them good.

(How can you trust a God that fools you? How do they know that what they are preaching today is the truth? Could be God is deceiving them even now!)

Now here is the next question, why suddenly after 120 years has Jehovah revealed to us that we got it wrong, and given us the right understanding of the verse… now He wants to know what is our real reason, now he has got us this far, its His right. I’ve got you this far to the door, I now want to know what your motive is, are you going to stick with it, are you going to prove to be a sheep or a goat, amazing.

And what other Organisation after 120 years of getting it wrong, when they suddenly realise they got it wrong, what are we going to do? … We have got to let them know then, we will tell them… isn’t that right, the faithful and discreet organisation.

(They can continue to use this description because every time they get it wrong God had been fooling them and so they were still faithful and true to Jehovah!)