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The stereotype picture of Mormons is two smartly dressed men with American accents calling at your door. But is the message that they bring true? Can they really give anyone a life-changing experiencenowand a certainty of a future in eternity?

Some Main Teachings

Many people believe Mormons to be just another Christian denomination but is this true? They believe that the Book of Mormon is more reliable than the Bible, Joseph Smith is as important as Jesus Christ, and that someone must be baptised for your dead relations to give them any hope of eternal life. Many Mormons will disagree with these statements especially that Joseph Smith is as important as Jesus. However we believe the evidence is in their own literature.


The evangelical Christian believes that the Bible clearly shows Mormonism to be false. There is no way that you can believe that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are both true. For example, the Bible clearly shows that pagans baptised for the dead, not Christians. The Bible also shows that it is Jesus Christ who judges not Joseph Smith.

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