Trapped in a spiritual battle.

He went ballistic; he was so annoyed and angry he turned glowing red in colour as if flames of fire were coming from every orifice. In front of my very eyes, he changed into this unrecognisable creature of pure evil and hatred. Hatred just emanated from every part of his body, as I stood there transfixed by this presence. A presence of unadulterated evil and wickedness, he had a hatred for humanity, which words cannot justify or express. Fear penetrated every part of my body, mind and soul. With this heightened awareness, I felt Satan’s grip on my life had somewhat been shaken and he had been knocked back by my response. I was stuck in this strange spiritual world, a world I didn’t know how to escape from; moreover I was up against a fallen arch angel bent on my destruction.

“Why me?” I cried out. How had I reached this point in time? Maybe it was the sexual abuse as a child that had sparked off this endlessly destructive cycle in my life. Perhaps it was going into Local Authority care at such a critical time in my early development that had vandalised and ruined my young mind.

My understanding screamed out, I was in a world of chaos and bitterness, carrying a terrible sense of a loss in my heart that could never be made good. I was lost and gone astray in every sense and I didn’t know how to get off this path of evil that I had been walking. This path that lead to destruction in every way.

Why had my three trusted spirit guides deceived me? Nothing made sense anymore. My eyes were opened to see the counterfeit truth. Like many people, I had fallen for Satan’s lies, counterfeit spirituality, and all the benefits it allegedly had in store. Its promises were a life of enlightenment and self-discovery, but in reality, it led only to a path of pain, hurt and lies.

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