The leaders of the International Churches of Christ (also known as the London Central Church of Christ, Manchester Central Church of Christ, International Central Church of Christ) believe that they alone are true Christians. The group began as a split from the Church of Christ and the two should not be confused.

They operate especially on University campus’ and have been subject to a number of media investigations. Whereas most of their teaching appears Christian there are one or two questionable areas. However the biggest problem with this group comes from attitude, not belief.

Some Main Teachings

One must be baptised into the Central Church of Christ to be saved, no other baptism is sufficient. Anyone joining will be placed under heavy shepherding and told what they can and cannot do.


Evangelical Christians believe that salvation comes through a personal experience of receiving Jesus Christ, not outward baptism into any one group. Shepherding must be of a loving nature, it should not be domineering or of an authoritarian nature.

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