The author of this small booklet was informed by the local Jehovah’s Witnesses that the correct translation of the first verse of the gospel of John, rendered the Word to be “a god”. They also let himknowthat if a person did their homework they would find Bible versions at the local library that supported this rendering.

Just for the fun of it Mike Caba took the time to do some homework, mostly on the Internet and with the help of a Bible museum, and found that the vast, overwhelming majority translated the version in the standard way without the “a”. In fact, he found at least 100 versions from around the world covering a 700 year time frame from many different religions – both Christian and non-Christian – that translate the verse without the “a”.

He has made the little booklet that can be downloaded from the link below in PDF format, which includes the versions he found, and contrasts them with the Jehovah’s Witness translation. The Introduction page explains it all.

This booklet is yours, and you can copy it, send it to others or set it up for download off of a website,free of charge.

Download the booklet from here