Does the Watchtower Society encourage a Jehovah’s Witness to check their beliefs?

They encourage the exposing of false religious practices and actually call it a public service and our moral responsibility? They want everyone to check whether the religion they believe in is true or not.

It is not a form of religious persecution for anyone to say or show that another religion is false . . . public service instead of religious persecution and it has to do with eternal life and happiness of the public. Still it leaves the public free to choose. – The Watchtower, 15 November 1963, p.688.

It is not unchristian to make Bible based criticism about another’s religion.

Consequently, is it unchristian to offer Bible based comments about another’s religion? The Scriptural answer must be No. – Awake!, 22 November 1974, p.28.

Should a Witness condemn anyone for pointing out errors?

Therefore, how will you respond when pointed statements are made about false religious teachings and corrupt practices? Will you immediately condemn the person or the organization making the expose? Do you feel right to teach lies and misrepresent God’s Word, but wrong to expose the error? Contrary to what some may think, it is not unkind and unloving to lay bare falsehood and corruption. – The Watchtower, 1 March 1966, p132.

This is very clear but in order to protect its own shortcomings the Society does not allow this process to be used on itself. The claim is made here that, other organisations must check out criticisms made by the Watchtower Society about them but Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught that they should not listen to criticism about the Society. This is holding double standards and is not godly. But while there is evidence that Jehovah’s Witnesses are to check out criticisms there is no evidence that they apply it to themselves.

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