Does Revelation 3:14 show that Jesus is created?

A Jehovah’s Witness will read Revelation 3:14 from their New World Translation and show you that “Jesus is the beginning of the creation by God.”

However, ask the Jehovah’s Witness to check his or her Kingdom Interlinear Translation to see that the Greek is of God.

Why has the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society changed the Greek?

Now ask the Witness if the Greek word translated beginning, arche, really means beginning in the sense of the “first to be started,” as the Society lead us to believe.

However we read,

Arche means a beginning. The root arch – primarily indicated what was of worth. Hence the verb archo meant ‘to be first,’ and archon denoted a ruler. So also arose the idea of a beginning, the origin, the active cause, whether a person or thing. – Vines Dictionary of New Testament Words, Vol.1, p.111.

Thus we see the Greek phrase, “beginning of the creation of God” does not mean he was the first to be begun but that He is the source, the active cause or the origin of all God’s Creation.

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