Bring Reachout to Your Church

Perhaps you have thought about inviting Reachout to teach your church, or the churches in your area, how to meet the challenge of the cults. Reachout has a long history of putting on seminar and workshop programmes that can be tailored to a particular church’s needs.

Our emphasis is very much on being grounded in Scripture and sharing the good news of Jesus. We cover such issues as :

  • An Introduction to Cult Ministry
  • 6 Steps to Defending your Faith
  • The Dos and Donts of Doorstep Dialogues
  • Meeting the Challenge of Jehovah’s Witness Teaching
  • Meeting the Challenge of Mormonism
  • The Christian Doctrine of Jesus
  • Introducing Jesus to the Cults
  • Salvation: Faith or Works?
  • An in depth look at Jehovah’s Witness History and Teaching
  • An in depth look at Mormon History and Teaching

Timings will depend on how many elements you wish to include and how much time you wish to give over to the day. We typically require our expenses to be covered, which varies depending on where you are, and a gift in support of the ministry to be made. Some churches find it helpful to team up with other local churches to make the training more widely available and to defray costs. You can also take up a free will offering at the event if you think that would help and be appropriate. Resources are usually made available in the form of a book table.

Please do contact us at or call us on
+44 (0) 1792 709470 to discuss your particular needs.

You can also write to us:

Reachout Trust

45 Rhondda Street

Mount Pleasant