An Egyptologist’s comments on Joseph Smith’s “translations”

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Be sure and scroll down to the bottom of this article and peruse the photo of the broadside that was published in Kirtlandto advertisethe Book Of Mormon for sale. The import of that broadside is that it depicts the “characters” that Joseph Smith claimed were examples of those on the “gold plates.”

Some modern Mopologists attempt to question the authenticity of those “characters” (commonly called the “Anthon Transcript”), because they correspond to no known ancient language, let alone any form of Hebrew or Egyptian.

The 1830’s broadside refutes the Mopologists’ theory of inauthenticity, because it was published in Kirtland, under the auspices of Smith & Co., therefore establishing the “characters’ ” chain of custody from Smith onwards. The facsimiles’ failure to correspond to any ancient language is physical evidence of the fraudulence of Smith’s entire “gold plates” claim.