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Michael Thomas

Michael is married to Ann, they have four grown children, eight grandchildren, and they live in Swansea, South Wales. Michael was a Mormon for fourteen years and it is there that he met Ann. They have been Christians since 1986 and have worked alongside Doug Harris in Reachout Trust for twenty years. Following Doug's passing in 2013 he was asked to chair Reachout Trust and he has been chairman since 2014. His passion is books and lifelong learning and he loves preaching and teaching.

The Mormon Playbook and Book of Mormon Geography

The Mormon Playbook is never better illustrated than in the history of Book of Mormon geography. 19th century Mormons knew it, 20th century Mormons conveniently forgot it, todays Mormons have no idea where the events of the Book of Mormon happened. Which is why there re no maps at the back of the Book of Mormon.