This American group have some similarities to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who argue about whether Jesus died on a Stake or a Cross, and about putting the “Name” back into Scripture. However, to the Assemblies of Yahweh, it is the name is “Yahweh”. In this connection they make what is, at the very least, a wild claim.

“Scholarship has proved that the New Testament was not written first in the Greek language” – Exploding the Inspired Greek New Testament Myth, Jacob O Meyer

Obviously Mr Meyer has never been to the British Library and seen the evidence. A good summary of the proof that the New Testament was recorded in ‘koine’ Greek is found in The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, vol.3, pp.1836-32.


As with most groups that move away from mainstream Christian truth, the Assemblies of Yahweh, reject the trinity.

“There is a Father who existed in eternity… He created His Son… these two beings have a spirit… or force which is not a person, but personality… there is no trinity taught by the Bible, but there is a duality of persons in the Majesty on High” – Trinity, Duality, or Oneness, Jacob O Meyer.

Along with misconstruing the Godhead, as often, comes the explaining away of being ‘born again’. I will quote without comment statements found in J.O.Meyers’ pamphlet, The ‘Born Again’ Doctrine, which are surely unbiblical. It is interesting that he often quotes from Benjamin Wilson and his Christadelphian Emphatic Diaglott New Testament in this pamphlet.

“In order to be born from above we will need… (to) repent of our previous sins and be immersed into the Name of Yashua… Then, we will receive the down payment of the Holy Spirit… We are not born again when we are baptized… We are born from above at the resurrection of the dead.”