The debate over whether Alternative Therapies and/or Complementary Therapies as some like to call them, are healthy or not continues to take up many column inches in the media. It is important to markthedifference between Alternative therapies, which many use to replace conventional medicines in which they claim to have lost confidence, and Complementary therapies, which are seen as working alongside conventional medical science to achieve a more holistic approach. Experiences shared also give reflect differing views. Some feel that Alternative Therapies are the only safe medicines whereas others will relate “horror” stories. Some happily use Complementary Therapies while others feel such therapies confuse and complicate treatment. Certainly, your doctor should be consulted regarding the use of any therapy or treatment, especially if used alongside or instead of prescribed treatment.

We must of course be careful as to what we are defining as alternatives and complementaries, for example there is nothing wrong with herbs – God created them. The problem with such practices as Acupuncture and Reflexology, among others, comes when we are not just dealing with a natural cure but we have moved into the realm of the supernatural.

In every case we believe it is vital that we know which force we are opening ourselves up to. Just because something works we cannot accept it as coming from God. Why does it work? Is there a possibility that a supernatural force that is not from God is at work?

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