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The Mormon Temple – Is It Biblical?

  Five new temples were announced by the Mormon Church president during his Sunday morning address (April 2, 2017) at the church’s 187th annual General Conference. This brings the number of temples worldwide, operating or under construction, to 182 according to the Mormon newsroom. Mormonism teaches these temples are a restoration of biblical temples in the last days before Christ’s…read more →

Mormon Temples: Restored?

  The Mormon Church, on April 3rd, announced four new temples, bringing to 150 dedicated temples with 27 more in the pipeline. These temples are costly to build and maintain and demand of Mormons a level of commitment that is exceptional, both in proving worthy to attend and in the sacrifices involved in attending; travel, financial sacrifice, time commitment and physical…read more →

Preston Temple Special

The second largest Mormon temple in the world is being built in Chorley, near Preston, Lancs, just off junction 8 of the M61. The site of the UK’s second Mormon temple will also boast an accommodation centre, missionary training facilities, a Stake centre and two ward buildings. A reception area will include a family history centre (genealogy facilities) and temple…read more →

Temple Fire and Temple Worship

On Wednesday evening, 9 July 2003 the Apia Samoa Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was destroyed by fire. The temple had been closed since early spring and was being renovated and enlarged and was scheduled to be rededicated in October. The cause of the blaze is believed to be related to the construction project. The…read more →

Mormon Temple Tax & Access

Mormon Temple Tax Decision To bring people up-to-date on the decision to refuse tax exemption to the Mormon temple in Chorley here is a fuller account of what has been happening. The Valuation Office, it appears, has assessed the temple, and its rateable value has been included in the Rating List since April 2000. However, it seems that an appeal…read more →

Mormons Restore Temples – But Which Ones?

The Rexburg, Idaho temple is the 125th and the latest Mormon temple to be built and will be dedicated on Feb.3rd. Mormon temples are going up at a formidable rate, another twelve already either announced or under construction. The 137th has already been announced for San Salvador, El Salvador. These temples are costly to build and maintain and demand of…read more →