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Introduction Many people that we talk to today have a worldview that embraces reincarnation rather than resurrection. It is therefore necessary for us to both understand what we are talking about andknowhow to communicate sensibly with someone who has that worldview. This subject might be more useful than you would at first imagine. For many I have found this a…read more →

Reincarnation – 1

Many of those in the New Age and indeed many who would not call themselves a new ager, believe in reincarnation and some would even say it comes from the Bible and therefore it must be of God. There are several different forms of reincarnation but they all have similarities. The belief is simply, if I do not reach the…read more →

Reincarnation – 2

Definitions KARMA– literally means, ‘deeds or work.’ What we say, what we do and even what we think all records as a rating of good or evil. This accumulation will determine the sort of life we will have in our next reincarnation. Looked at retrospectively, karma is the cause of what is happening in one’s life now. – Man’s Religions….read more →