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Jehovah’s Witnesses, Translations, and the New World Translation

Jehovah’s Witnesses, in support of their New World Translation, make extensive use of obscure, questionable Bible translations. You won’t find them in your local Christian bookshop. You won’t find them on the shelves in a typical Jehovah’s Witness home. It is enough for them that the Society approves these translations, enough that they appear to confirm what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe….read more →

Is The JW Bible (NWT) Accurate?

On their website,, the Watchtower Society asks, ‘Is The New World Translation Accurate?’ It is a good question. The Bible speaks to our deepest concerns, explains our purpose in the world, and introduces us to the God who made us. Every movement that seeks to identify itself with Christ claims to get its teaching and authority from the Bible….read more →

Revised New World Translation: Review by John Tancock

The Silver Sword Known as the silver sword because of its colour, the latest edition of the JW Bible was launched at the October 5, 2013 Annual Meeting of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. This is not an update it is a new translation with a new translation philosophy and approach. We will look at various features of this…read more →

New World Mistranslations

We need to do what the Watchtower Society ask us to do(The Watchtower, 15 November 1969) and check their English translation with the Greek in the KIT. Below are a few examples of the type of changes wefind.The literal Greek of the Society’s Kingdom Interlinear Translation (KIT) literal is shown first and underneath the New World Translation (NWT) rendering with…read more →

The New World Translation

Author: Tony Piper The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania is the official title of the organisation to which Jehovah’s Witnesses belong. Its sister corporation, the Watchtower BibleandTract Society of New York Inc. (WBTS/The Society) prints all the material that Jehovah’s Witnesses distribute. Summary of Article