The Problem of Evil and the Promise of Peace

In a previous article we looked at the question of evil. Why does God allow evil? We defined evil as the absence of good and saw that, in God’s original creation, everything was ‘very good’. Welookedat the role of Satan in the fall of man and woman, from a place where they walked with God to a place where they are…read more →

Works or Faith

A discussion on this subject will often come up in an attempt to witness about the gospel and surprisingly enough not only from cult members. Many other people feel they must do things to ‘be good’ orearnthe right ‘to go to heaven’. Indeed, there are some apparent indications in Scripture that on first reading would indicate that works are necessary…read more →

Son of God

Some weeks ago I received an email from a friend of mine sharing some thoughts on the sonship of Jesus. As I read, I realised that this is an area that, as Christians, we need to be able to explain toothers.The step prior to being able to explain to others, of course, is understanding the issue ourselves and I wonder…read more →

God in Three Persons

In dealing with the cults perhaps the subject for which we are called to give an apologia more than any other is that of God’s nature. Without exception, the traditional Trinitarian view is rejected,oftenridiculed, by the cults. There are three simple points I wish to make concerning the way we think about God, especially when speaking to a cultist. 1….read more →

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead and He needs to be treated and respected as God. We must never lose sight of the fact of who He is and what the Scriptures reveal about Him. Ephesians chapter 1 givesusa picture of the Godhead. Verses 3-4 show us that the Father is the Originator; verses 4-12 show that Jesus…read more →


In the work of reaching out to those in the cults, occult and new age, or indeed in speaking to any who do not accept the gospel as taught in the Evangelical tradition of the Church, Christians need touseapologetics. We feel that this is a vital tool in the armoury of the Christian and over the next months we will…read more →

Introduction – 2

This second article on apologetics is another introductory one, as I want us to look at the way that Jesus dealt with the people He met. Jesus can teach us so much about how to communicate with people. Therearethree passages that I want to draw lessons from. They will certainly help us to communicate but perhaps also to learn something…read more →

Reasoning for Thinking Christians

Isaiah spoke God’s words to Israel: “Come now, let us reason together” (Isa.1:18), and those words still apply today. Just because you believe, it doesn’t mean that you can stop thinking about whatyoubelieve and why. Just because you are saved, doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to do or learn anything further. After his resurrection, Jesus gave the great…read more →


Introduction Many people that we talk to today have a worldview that embraces reincarnation rather than resurrection. It is therefore necessary for us to both understand what we are talking about andknowhow to communicate sensibly with someone who has that worldview. This subject might be more useful than you would at first imagine. For many I have found this a…read more →

The Origin of Satan

There are two passages in Scripture that give a clear prophetic insight into the beginnings of Satan. In Isaiah 14 the message is introduced to be against the king of Babylon; in Ezekiel 28 it has two subjects,first the prince (nawgheed) of Tyre and then the king (mehleh) of Tyre. We need to ask however, “Can all that is said…read more →