The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead and He needs to be treated and respected as God. We must never lose sight of the fact of who He is and what the Scriptures reveal about Him. Ephesians chapter 1 givesusa picture of the Godhead. Verses 3-4 show us that the Father is the Originator; verses 4-12 show that Jesus…read more →


In the work of reaching out to those in the cults, occult and new age, or indeed in speaking to any who do not accept the gospel as taught in the Evangelical tradition of the Church, Christians need touseapologetics. We feel that this is a vital tool in the armoury of the Christian and over the next months we will…read more →

Introduction – 2

This second article on apologetics is another introductory one, as I want us to look at the way that Jesus dealt with the people He met. Jesus can teach us so much about how to communicate with people. Therearethree passages that I want to draw lessons from. They will certainly help us to communicate but perhaps also to learn something…read more →

Speaking to those in the Occult

It is clear, for those who accept the clear statements that the Bible makes about the occult, that there is potential danger in going down that road. However, for those who do not see it like this or indeedforthose who see no danger whatsoever, how do we make a reasoned defence? What follows are some of the ways I have…read more →

Can you use Harry Potter in Christian Apologetics?

Any that know about the ministry of Reachout Trust will be aware that we believe that apologetics and good illustrations are vital in communicating the gospel. The question I will be looking at in thisarticleis, can we use Harry Potter positively in such an illustration? Please note this article is not about whether we should read Harry Potter or not…read more →

Problems Facing Apologists

Confirming yourself by converting others When I became a Christian I was given the best advice ever. “Don’t go on the circuit, giving your testimony as an “ex-Mormon”, it will ruin you. Settle downinyour Christian faith for a few years and if God wants you in that ministry He will call you in due course.” Unfortunately, most people simply don’t…read more →

Being Ready

I doubt if there has ever been a time when it has been as important to know how to communicate our faith in Jesus Christ. We live in days when claiming that Jesus is unique is not ‘PC’ and all sortsofaccusations and recriminations can follow. There is no foolproof way of sharing without such reactions but there are some clear…read more →

Is There a Second Chance?

I recently saw a letter from a well-known evangelical preacher and was amazed at what he wrote after someone challenged him about a message he had broadcast on the radio. He reasoned that some may beredeemedfrom hell as follows, “My biblical basis for making the claim I did about the possibility of people receiving the gospel and being delivered from…read more →

That Killer Text

“What do you say to a Mormon/JW?” I often get asked this question and my reply is always, “There is no killer text you know.” “I know that”, is the reply, “but what do you say?” It’s a questionthat troublesme because it betrays a lack of understanding and poor preparation. Witnessing isn’t somehow ‘magical’. It isn’t as simple as dropping…read more →


Theology is defined as “the science of God”. It comes from the Greek words Theos meaning God and Logos meaning “word, or reason”. The science of God, then, involves reasoning about the things of God.Todaymany would balk at the idea of putting “science” and “God” in the same sentence. For instance, Jon Krakauer in his book on Mormon fundamentalism, Under…read more →