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The Ouija Board – 1

Many young people, as well as adults, play with the Ouija Board. It has been our experience that many tell of frightening stories as a result and a fear that has gripped them. Others relate the fear but also are drawn back to playing it again. At these sessions a supernatural force is invited to come into a glass and…read more →

The Ouija Board – 2

The following is adapted from a chapter in “Occult Dangers Explained Safely” by Doug Harris and is available from Reachout Trust. The word ‘Ouija’ is made up from the French ‘oui’ and the German ‘ja’, which both translate into English as ‘yes’. The experiences of those who have spoken to us show that playing with the Ouija board can open…read more →

John & Carol and their involvement with the Ouija Board

52 DAYS In all of us there is a mental void into which we dump the things that frustrate our logic, a luxury unavailable to those who experience the seemingly unexplainable. To stumble into a world where reality recedes into insignificance, the impossible becomes the norm, and all you ever believed or disbelieved is turned on its head by an…read more →