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The Family

This group was originally known as the Children of God; they were disbanded under that name in 1978. There have been a number of investigations into their lifestyle, but despite rumours, there has been no proof that they are today involved with child abuse or pornography. We do not believe however, that this means that they can as yet be…read more →

The Family and ‘Flirty Fishing’

What do they believe today? Vince McCann of Spotlight Ministries contacted The Family when he became concerned over whether they had really dealt with the past area of Flirty Fishing. This practice was carried on when they were called the Children of God; they have changed their name but have they changed their belief so that it is in line…read more →

The Unification Church – Moonies

Although the Unification Church, or “moonies” as they are better known, is not as active as it used to be there are still some determined members in Britain. They can be found selling various items in major cities. All the profit goes to the organisation and although a Moonie believes that they are serving God, in reality, they are serving…read more →