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Christian Fundamentals: False prophets, Testing the Spirits

1 John 4:1-6: Testing Prophets by Outcome and Teaching Christ’s Spirit leads us into holiness and guides us in his ways (John.16:13) but what do we do when false teachers claim to be led by the same Spirit? It isn’t simply about what we agree with, or otherwise. People make life-changing decisions based on what they are taught, who they…read more →

Christian Fundamentals: The Battle For Truth

1 John 2:15-17 – What’s Wrong With The World? There is a battle for truth in our world today. We have, so far, seen that true fellowship with God is marked by: An increased consciousness of sin (1 John 1:6-10) A growing likeness to Christ (1 John 2:1-6) God’s light shines in God’s law and in Christian love and conviction…read more →

Christian Fundamentals: Who is Jesus?

In this series on fundamentals we are looking at the gospel in John’s letters. Last time we looked at how we walk in the light of God’s. This is the same John who wrote the gospel. He is described by Paul as a pillar of the Jerusalem church (Gal.2:9) Early accounts of John are found in Acts 3 and Acts…read more →

The Four Spiritual Laws

People will often say that they don’t know what to say to a Jehovah’s Witness, or a Mormon, etc. They imagine it is necessary to have studied the cults for years and read every book going out there. It is important, however, to understand what we believe, and how to share what we believe, more than anything else. There is…read more →

God The Promise-Keeper: A Christmas Message from Reachout

A Meditation and Devotion for Christmas Christmas is many things to many people. A busy time, a time for family, ‘all about the children,’ nativity plays, gifts, remembering loved ones, carol services, good cheer, painful memories, a festival of colour and warmth in the middle of winter, an opportunity to invite friends and family to church and hear the good…read more →

Defining ‘Cult’

CULT! It seems such a pejorative word and certainly in ministry it is not intended as a compliment. But is it an insult? Is its use an example of disagreeing while being disagreeable? To listen to many there is no excuse for using it. Especially when what people see as sensible alternatives are available such as sect, or the more…read more →

Does Revelation 3:14 show that Jesus is created?

Does Revelation 3:14 show that Jesus is created? A Jehovah’s Witness will read Revelation 3:14 from their New World Translation and show you that “Jesus is the beginning of the creation by God.” However, ask the Jehovah’s Witness to check his or her Kingdom Interlinear Translation to see that the Greek is of God. Why has the Watchtower Bible &…read more →

Who is receiving worship in Revelation 5:13 & 14?

Who is receiving worship in Revelation 5:13 & 14? Here Jesus is in His heavenly ministry. Who is receiving this honour, glory and worship? The One on the throne [Jehovah] AND the Lamb [Jesus]. Are we not to do what heaven is doing? If at this point you receive this sort of answer – only because Jesus was standing next…read more →

What does John 3:3 teach about being ‘born again’?

What does John 3:3 teach about being ‘born again’? This verse is talking about one Kingdom, which the Bible shows clearly in Revelation 21 & 22, heaven and earth are rolled back into one. There is no great divide between heaven and earth but it is one Kingdom with one King. The Bible does not give the picture that the…read more →