Modern Spiritualism is said to have started in 1848 with the Fox sisters purporting to speak to someone murdered in their house. Today, you will find meetings advertised by two main spiritualistic groups, the Spiritualist Union and Christian Spiritualists. Both basically believe the same things but those in Christian Spiritualism will have “trappings” that appear Christian.

The Spiritualists are concerned, among other things, with healing and developing mediumistic gifts. Many too, will be aware of a spirit guide who is with them all the time to help them make decisions.

The main beliefs of the Spiritualists are not compatible with the beliefs of evangelical Christians. To them:

  • God is an impersonal divine power.
  • Jesus is just one among many prophets.
  • The Bible is not inspired and is rarely used.
  • Karma and reincarnation are the laws of life.

We need to ask if God is not the supernatural power behind Spiritualism, who or what is?

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Click here to also download the testimony of former Spiritualist John Cramphorn.

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