Complaints Procedure
We are delighted to hear from those who use our services and find them helpful. However we realize that there are a minority who feel they have some form of complaint about the service received and we want you to know what you can do and what will happen in such a case.
Will I be listened too?
We want to provide the best possible service and we always want to resolve any complaints. We will therefore read carefully what is said and respond. We will also learn any lessons that mean we need to change our procedures for the future.
How do I let you know?
The easiest way is to use the online form. However you can write, ring or fax Head Office as well.
What happens then?
We will pass your complaint to the person concerned and request them to respond to you initially within 3 working days.

In most cases the complaint will be able to be resolved by the person within that time. However, where the case cannot be resolved within 10 working days, the complaint will be investigated by the Director of Reachout Trust responsible for looking after complaints and you will hear further from him/her within a further 20 working days.

If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome then the complaint will be referred to the next board meeting of the Directors and you will be informed of the date of that meeting.

Clear minutes will be made as to the procedures to be carried out and you will receive full details of discussions relevant to your complaints.

If any deadlines cannot be met you will be kept fully informed as to what is happening.

If after this exhaustive procedure there is still a serious complaint (with the emphasis on serious) outstanding, we are willing to bring in a third party that both the person making the complaint and Reachout Trust is happy with, to resolve the matter.

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