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Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation was brought to the UK by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This had been made possible through the Beatles visit to him in India in 1968. Thousands of their fans were willing to follow them to the feet of this guru. Many think that TM is simply a series of exercises to help you relax. Indeed this is the way…read more →

Transcendental Meditation – 2

What is it? Transcendental Meditation comes in many guises indeed it is often disguised so as to be unrecognised for what it is really. The official version goes like this, TM is Transcendental Meditation – a technique for deep relaxation and revitalisation. It allows your mind and body to gain a unique state of very deep rest with calm alertness….read more →

Deborah – Former Follower of TM

TESTIMONY OF DELIVERANCE DEDICATED TO “MY SWEET LORD” JESUS CHRIST INTRODUCTION Psalm 116 TESTIMONY “The cords of death entangled me” (Psalm 116:3) That phrase, “my sweet Lord” is the title of a song written by the late George Harrison of the Beatles to sing the praises of his Lord, Krishna, a mythical figure deified in Hinduism. Growing up, I had…read more →