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Testimony: The Lord’s Message Rang Out From You…

This time, like all times, is a very good one if only we know what to do with it. Our world is ready to hear the gospel. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Wiccans, Atheists, Agnostics, Satanists, Moonies, Scientologists, etc. are all ready to hear the gospel. You don’t believe it? I understand. It is the nature of Christians to believe we are…read more →

Alternative Therapies and Complimentary Therapies

Author: Andrew Harrison  Christianity and Christian Healing in Comparison with Complementary Medicines/Therapies In the course of writing this article I interviewed eight practitioners of alternative therapies and complimentary therapies. In addition to this I interviewed three Christian Ministers picked at random from the local area. Those interviewed were questioned on their personal (spiritual/religious) views and also on the therapy/medicine/healing that…read more →

Is There any Scientific Evidence for Acupuncture?

I have found acupuncture very difficult to research. Sometimes it has been like getting blood out of a stone; other times people have given a confident reply but the articles I have been directed to or told about have been very vague in answer to this specific question, especially to someone with no medical knowledge. The Vagueness of Acupuncture Research An…read more →

Sophia Alternative Healing Group

A Report on the Third Conference on Faith in Healing and Health Care Provision Held on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 July 2000 at St. Martin’s College, Lancaster. First, we reproduce some quotes from the introductory material to the conference: “(It will) seek to explore a wide range of issues pertaining to faith-related and spiritual aspects of holistic health and…read more →

The Message

THE MESSAGE 1. Introduction The current usage of the Message Bible has many applications. Many people buy the Message for their friends or relatives as a means of introducing the unchurched to Christianityorfor those that may find the more literal versions, in particular the King James Version difficult to understand. It is also quoted extensively for evangelistic purposes in an…read more →


I recently received an email asking me about ‘Christian Karate,’ as a church in England was thinking of starting such a group. This might be unusual for Britain but in America such groups abound; a pointprovenby typing ‘Christian Karate’ into the Google search engine on the Internet. Atheist and sceptic, David Kostinchuk refers to this in an article on the…read more →

The New Age – 1

The New Age is like the symbol of the rainbow which it often uses. It covers many different shades of belief and takes in a whole spectrum of practices. The New Age is not really new at all. Many of its principles go back thousands of years. There is disagreement as to whether the New Age has started or is…read more →

The New Age – 2

The Name The ‘New Age’ is not new at all, its principles go back many years. However there are reasons for giving it such a title. First, new age astrologers believe we are in a 26,000-year cycle and approximately every 2,000 years [it is probably nearer 2,100] a new constellation comes into the ascendancy. Adam began one of these approximate…read more →

What is meant by the term,

Author: Mike Shreve The New Age Movement is a term that covers a lot of territory spiritually. It can reach all the way to the left and embrace the dark side of the occult like Wicca, witchcraft and even Satanism. It can reach all the way to the right and embrace things like success seminars and positive thinking teachings that…read more →

Be Still and Know … that you are being deceived

Author: Brian Flynn This article first appeared on the Lighthouse Trails website and is reproduced here with permission. There is nothing more devious than a lie told with subtlety. Last week, I purchased the Be Still and Know That I am God DVD produced by 20th Century Fox. The cover boasts of such contemplatives as Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Calvin…read more →