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Mormon General Conference, April 2016 Sunday PM

I am part of a team put together by Bobby Gilpin over at Mormonism Investigated to comment on Mormon General Conference. This is my contribution to what is becoming a useful bi-annual project covering the whole of both Mormon conferences. It originally appeared on Bobby’s website. The Mormon Hope? The stand out talk in this session of the Mormon General Conference was…read more →

Mormon Conference Oct. 2015: Faith and Works

General Conference October 2015: Saturday Morning Session The Mormon Church held their semi-annual General Conference this past October and I want to pick up on what was said during the Saturday morning session. If you know what to look for it is a very revealing session. I am a great believer in a robust Christianity, sustained by a strong discipleship…read more →

LDS Conference April 2015: Mormons, Gays and…the Easter Story?

Easter this year (2015) fell on the weekend of 5th April. This was also the weekend of the Mormon Annual General Conference so you might expect a special theme to run through this conference weekend. A theme did emerge, one that has coloured the whole conference, although not one you might expect. Look at the themes running through the conference:…read more →