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Is There a Second Chance?

I recently saw a letter from a well-known evangelical preacher and was amazed at what he wrote after someone challenged him about a message he had broadcast on the radio. He reasoned that some may beredeemedfrom hell as follows, “My biblical basis for making the claim I did about the possibility of people receiving the gospel and being delivered from…read more →

Is Hell Eternal?

Is Hell Eternal? A number of cults teach either that hell does not exist or if it does the punishment is not eternal. This matter cannot just be looked at subjectively because most want to say that God is love and that would involve no punishment. We need therefore to look at the revelation of Scripture to answer the matter….read more →

Does the Bible teach the existence of hell?

Does the Bible teach the existence of hell? There is a difference between the use of the Greek words Gehenna and Hades in the New Testament. We should also be aware that the Hebrew word Sheol is used in the Old Testament in the same way as Hades is in the New Testament. Hades, the region of departed spirits of…read more →

Heaven and Hell

HEAVEN AND HELL First we need to ask if there is a future after we leave this life and if so how is this existence described. Thus here we will seek to answer three specific questions: 1. Do the Scriptures show that man is alive after he leaves the earth? 2. What names and descriptions are given to the places…read more →