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Can you use Harry Potter in Christian Apologetics?

Any that know about the ministry of Reachout Trust will be aware that we believe that apologetics and good illustrations are vital in communicating the gospel. The question I will be looking at in thisarticleis, can we use Harry Potter positively in such an illustration? Please note this article is not about whether we should read Harry Potter or not…read more →

Harry Potter and Christians

PROLOGUE Since this article was last updated the latest book The Half-blood Prince has been released. This has broken all previous sales records and has even brought a comment from the Pope, who is concerned about the damage it may do to the Spirituality of young people. Apart from changes to the characters and the plot there is little new…read more →

Harry Potter – Sorcery and Fantasy by Marcia Montenegro

This article first appeared in the Fall 2000 edition of Midwest Christian Outreach Inc Journal and is reproduced here with their kind permission. Harry Potter is a character in a series of books written by J. K. Rowling about a young boy who discovers he really is a wizard, (in other words, a sorcerer). Four books have come out in…read more →