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Knowing the Mormon Godhead

The January 2016Mormon Ensign magazine features an address by Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on the subject of the nature of God. He begins with a quote from Joseph Smith, ‘It is the first principle of the gospel to know for a certainty the character of God.’ He goes on to quote the first article…read more →

Heaven is For Real: Book Review by Jon Taylor

Introduction In this New York Times Bestseller, Todd Burpo draws together an account of his son’s recollections of an out of body experience which apparently occurred within three minutes whilst he was fighting for his life and being operated on with a burst appendix. Colton was three when he was given surgery and at the age of four onwards, he…read more →

Ten Questions

Even after all these years we at Reachout will get asked about groups we haven’t heard about, or we are not familiar with. Where do you start, what do you ask, how do you asses truth claims in light of God’s Word? Here are ten questions to help lay some solid foundations on which to build a reliable picture. What…read more →

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead and He needs to be treated and respected as God. We must never lose sight of the fact of who He is and what the Scriptures reveal about Him. Ephesians chapter 1 givesusa picture of the Godhead. Verses 3-4 show us that the Father is the Originator; verses 4-12 show that Jesus…read more →

Why should you Believe in the Trinity?

In the minds of some people the Trinity is such an emotive subject that we need to make a few clear statements at the beginning. First, believing in the Trinity is not essential for salvation and so ‘proving’thedoctrine is not a vital step on the way to becoming a Christian. However, once someone has become a Christian and the Holy…read more →