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Exclusive Brethren

After discussions with members of the Exclusive Brethren we have amended our original article. We have removed some references as after investigation we do not believe that they can be fully established. EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN Plymouth Brethren The roots of this group go back to the ministry of John Nelson Darby. JND was trained in law at Trinity College, Dublin but…read more →

Exclusive Brethren Responses

We have received a number of responses to our revised article and in the interests of fairness have decided to publish some of them here. If you have something serious to say let us know and constructive comments will be added below. MY EXPERIENCE WAS DIFFERENT After reading the Reachout Trust article on the Exclusive Brethren my own experiences tell…read more →

RAC – Former Member of the Exclusive Brethren

MY ESCAPE FROM THE EXCLUSIVE BRETHREN – By: R.A.C. My parents were brought up in the Exclusive Brethren. From an early age, I remember being taken to “meetings” every Sunday, the “Breaking of Bread” in the morning (theExclusives’ communion), the “Reading” (the Exclusives’ term for a Bible Study) in theafternoon, and the “Gospel” in the evening. We had to attend…read more →