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Christadelphians the Devil and the Revelations of Christ 2

by Tony Cox Part 1 of this short series can be found here Christadelphian Contradictions Christadelphians believe that it was precisely when Christ died that Hedestroyed ‘the devil’ (Hebrews 2:14, A.V.) This is because Christadelphians believe that ‘the devil’ refers to a congenital inclination to commit sin that is resident within all mortal human nature. However, it is on this…read more →

Christadelphians, the Devil, and the Revelations of Christ 1

A Plea for Christadelphians to Test Their Tradition by Tony Cox The Christadelphian Faith seems very much a family religion. It is divided into numerous different sects and exclusive Fellowship groupings, yet there is probably one common characteristic they all share; most Christadelphians seem to have been born into their particular Christadelphian sect, and/or have married into it. Consequently, many…read more →

The Problem of Evil and the Promise of Peace

In a previous article we looked at the question of evil. Why does God allow evil? We defined evil as the absence of good and saw that, in God’s original creation, everything was ‘very good’. Welookedat the role of Satan in the fall of man and woman, from a place where they walked with God to a place where they are…read more →

The Question of Evil

How do we answer the person who asks why God allows incidents such as we saw in America on September 11, 2001? Surely if He were a God of love He would stop it.Furthermore, if He is an all supreme beingandin control of this world nothing bad would ever happen. As a foundation on which to build an answer et…read more →

The Origin of Satan

There are two passages in Scripture that give a clear prophetic insight into the beginnings of Satan. In Isaiah 14 the message is introduced to be against the king of Babylon; in Ezekiel 28 it has two subjects,first the prince (nawgheed) of Tyre and then the king (mehleh) of Tyre. We need to ask however, “Can all that is said…read more →