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The Eternally Begotten-ness of Jesus – 1

Author: Andrew Harrison In the Book of Common Prayer we have the Creed of Athanasius which tell us; “The Father eternal, the Son eternal and the Holy Ghost eternal… yet they are… one eternal…TheSon is… not made, not created, but begotten – God, of the Substance of the Father, begotten before the worlds.”  

The Eternally Begotten-ness of Jesus – 2

Author: Andrew Harrison In Part 1 we established that Jesus is the Son of God, not only from the time of His incarnation, but from eternity – past, present and future. Jesus is the ‘firstborn of allcreation'(Colossians 1:15). By Him and in Him all things were created. All things in heaven and on earth, visible or invisible were created by…read more →

The Eternally Begotten-ness of Jesus – 3

Author: Andrew Harrison In this final article on the Eternal Begotten-Ness of Jesus we will be looking at the passage in Proverbs chapter 8 (verses 22-31) more analytically and see even more of God’seternalFather-Son relationship expressed in the original text. As Jesus says in John 17:24: “Father…you loved me before the creation/foundation of the world.” (See NIV, NRSV, NKJV, ESV)….read more →