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God The Promise-Keeper: A Christmas Message from Reachout

A Meditation and Devotion for Christmas Christmas is many things to many people. A busy time, a time for family, ‘all about the children,’ nativity plays, gifts, remembering loved ones, carol services, good cheer, painful memories, a festival of colour and warmth in the middle of winter, an opportunity to invite friends and family to church and hear the good…read more →

The Celebration of Christmas

It is a widely accepted fact that Jesus was not actually born on December 25th but sometime in the September or October of our calendar. Although no one knows the exact date, a number of suggestions havebeenput forward, with seemingly good evidence, including this one for September 29th, 2 BC. We of course do not celebrate this date or any…read more →

The LDS Christmas Story

Author: Sharon Lindbloom Sharon heads a ministry to Mormons in the USA. This is a very good article showing how the terminology makes Mormonism sound right but with further study you see it is anythingbut

Is it wrong to celebrate Christmas?

Is it wrong to celebrate Christmas? As Christians we will need to decide whether e feel we should celebrate Christmas or not but here we need to answer why we feel it is not wrong and so we can choose. It is an acceptable fact that Jesus was not born on December 25 but in September/October. However, no one knows…read more →