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Westcott & Hort and Bible Translation

by John Tancock Brooke Foss Westcott (1825–1901) and Fenton John Anthony Hort (1828–1892) are mentioned regularly in relation to the Greek text of the NT. Naturally so because they were Greek textual scholars. Informally referred to as WH they produced the WH text of the New Testament. This translation in many ways was the precursor to the modern Critical Text underlying most modern translations….read more →

The Name: It Isn’t Jehovah

It is popularly believed among Jehovah’s Witnesses that God’s name has been increasingly, and deliberately, removed from modern Bible translations. What marks them out, in their own thinking, is their faithfulness to God’s name. They include it in their own Bible, The New World Translation, even in places where it is not to be found in any manuscripts. This, they…read more →

Bible Translations and Texts

Author: Andrew Harrison Introduction English translations of the Bible have become an object of great debate which shows no sign of abating. There are many issues involved, and though I wish it weresimplyblack and white, I’m sorry to say it is not. The problems in fact arise when we oversimplify or overcomplicate the facts. Some would say the King James…read more →