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Christadelphians, the Devil, and the Revelations of Christ 3

By Tony Cox In the Light of Christ Read part 1 of this series here, part 2 here. In the Old Testament God is portrayed as being in complete overall control of the universe. This is so much so, that God is able to temporarily allow evil to exist, for the sake of a greater good. God can, obviously, directly…read more →

Christadelphians the Devil and the Revelations of Christ 2

by Tony Cox Part 1 of this short series can be found here Christadelphian Contradictions Christadelphians believe that it was precisely when Christ died that Hedestroyed ‘the devil’ (Hebrews 2:14, A.V.) This is because Christadelphians believe that ‘the devil’ refers to a congenital inclination to commit sin that is resident within all mortal human nature. However, it is on this…read more →

Heaven is For Real: Book Review by Jon Taylor

Introduction In this New York Times Bestseller, Todd Burpo draws together an account of his son’s recollections of an out of body experience which apparently occurred within three minutes whilst he was fighting for his life and being operated on with a burst appendix. Colton was three when he was given surgery and at the age of four onwards, he…read more →