Jehovah's Witnesses

Most of us have had Jehovah’s Witnesses on the doorstep. Some get angry with them but others feel that they are nice people and are just another Christian denomination. We agree that most are nice, wealsobelieve however that they have been deceived and need to know the truth about the Society that they are in. The problem comes in trying to show them as most are under some form of control.

Some Main Teachings

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that they are the only true church and that the Governing Body is the only group that God speaks through today. There are few biblical doctrines that have been left untouched by the Watchtower Society over the years, and even the Bible they use has been ‘doctored.’


An independent investigation of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society clearly shows that they have tampered with the Bible, made false prophecies and have acted in an authoritarian manner towards many in the organisation. Their ‘fruits’ show that they are not the group that they claim to be.

For a more detailed look at the subject press here.

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