World Religions


“People grow like their gods,” warns C.S. Lewis. That is a sobering thought, applied to the low-profile but widely entertained philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. I met a writer once who confided that she was a Vedantist. “Worship is good for you!” she exclaimed. “Whether of Kali, Jesus, or your bicycle!” Kali, the man-hating evil goddess in Hinduism: Jesus, the self-sacrificing…read more →

Witnessing in a Multicultural Society

The subject of ‘witnessing in a multicultural society’ opens up many important questions, such as, ‘How is it possible to communicate the gospel meaningfully to various people groups simultaneously?’ Or ‘How are we supposed to follow Paul’s example of being all things to all men by being culturally relevant but also biblically faithful to sound doctrine?’ Is there a tried…read more →