Gordon a Former Jehovah’s Witness

I first met Jehovah’s Witnesses in March 1971, I would be 20 the following month. I had always had an interest in the Bible, not that my parents had been religious in any sense. But I wanted to know why this particular book had such an influence on people. But really had no idea what to do about it and…read more →

Janet Hayes former Jehovah’s Witness

FROM DECEPTION TO JESUS – THE REAL TRUTH As a child I was very curious about life and God and often wondered what life was all about. My mother professed belief in God but my father didn`t claim to have any faith, but rather was inclined towards belief in evolution. I went to church with mum now and again and…read more →

Judy a Former Jehovah’s Witness

Growing-up I was the eldest in a family of seven, and until I was about ten years old I was very quiet and shy. As a result I used to be bullied – until my mum taught me how to fight, then I was never bullied again. By age eleven I was smoking, had become a skinhead, became involved with…read more →

Janet a Former Mormon

MY JOURNEY OUT OF MORMONISM AND INTO THE ARMS OF THE TRUE JESUS “You’re playing with fire”, the voice inside my head said. I had just sat down in a Mormon ward for the first time in 21 years. I ignored the warning voice and the service began. How could a Christian woman who had spent the last 20+ years…read more →

Liz Former Follower of the Occult

When I was about eight years old, there was a “craze” among my friends to make up little squares of paper, folded in a particular way, with numbers on the folds, and when a flap was lifted up under its respective number, there would be a “message”. These folded papers would have four different colours on the outside, and were…read more →

John & Carol and their involvement with the Ouija Board

52 DAYS In all of us there is a mental void into which we dump the things that frustrate our logic, a luxury unavailable to those who experience the seemingly unexplainable. To stumble into a world where reality recedes into insignificance, the impossible becomes the norm, and all you ever believed or disbelieved is turned on its head by an…read more →

Linda Taylor and her involvement with the Occult

It was two o’clock in the morning and the Ouija board was very active; spelling out first the name of my brother and his address, some of my relatives, even dead ones, then named the colour of the front door of the house in which I had grown up in and lived in until age of nineteen. You could ask…read more →

Maureen Former Follower of the Occult

I was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire on the 3rd March 1952 having two brothers and a half sister, all much older than myself. My Mother was a spiritualist insomuch as she believed in being able to contact the spirits of the dead and frequently visited spiritualists and clairvoyants or had them come round to our home. I was brought…read more →

Simon – Former Follower of the Occult

Introduction As you read about the occult and my journey in and out of it, I do not seek to glorify any of my experiences. There will be some occasions where I may talk in detail of what happened in my life. This I do, not to glorify my past, but to magnify God as the awesome One who delivered…read more →

Deborah – Former Follower of TM

TESTIMONY OF DELIVERANCE DEDICATED TO “MY SWEET LORD” JESUS CHRIST INTRODUCTION Psalm 116 TESTIMONY “The cords of death entangled me” (Psalm 116:3) That phrase, “my sweet Lord” is the title of a song written by the late George Harrison of the Beatles to sing the praises of his Lord, Krishna, a mythical figure deified in Hinduism. Growing up, I had…read more →