Four Main Reasons Why I No Longer Practice Hatha Yoga

Author: Mike Shreve Over the Internet and in the worship gatherings I conduct throughout the U.S. and the world, I am often asked the question, “Is it acceptable for a Christian to practice HATHAYOGA?” I will attempt to answer concisely in the following article, with a few preparatory statements. I understand that some of you may disagree with my conclusions, but…read more →

John Cramphorn – formerly involved in the occult

Prologue Trapped in a spiritual battle. He went ballistic; he was so annoyed and angry he turned glowing red in colour as if flames of fire were coming from every orifice. In front of my very eyes, he changed into this unrecognisable creature of pure evil and hatred. Hatred just emanated from every part of his body, as I stood…read more →

Former member of Brahma Kumaris

At the request of the writer of this testimony no names are given however the original is held at head office. Lured by their offer of “peace in a peace-less world” I entered Brahma Kumaris out of curiosity, and a desire to find a philosophy that made some kind of sense in a world posing very difficult questions. Brahma Kumaris…read more →

But is it Christian – Kathy a Former Christian Scientist

“What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear….”   My arrival into the world must have been a big disappointment to my mother. Not only did she now have a child – something she never wanted to have happen to her – but I was also born with a leg deformity called PFFD (Proximal…read more →

From Darkness to Light – Michael a Former Freemason

My Name is Michael Hedley. Up until January 2006, my life was a mess, I was desperately unhappy and just generally hurting and not a very nice person to be around. On the 26th of January 2006, I became a born again Christian, and my life has changed so dramatically! I now have so much contentment in my life. I…read more →

Anne a Former Jehovah’s Witness

“I believe that the combination of evidence …reveals why it is reasonable to say that sensitive and emotionally fragile persons in particular are at risk in what is called a ‘spiritual paradise’”. – Raymond Franz, In Search of Christian Freedom. One thing I do know – whereas I was blind, now I see. – John 9:25 Recently, I became a…read more →

Brenda a Former Jehovah’s Witness

At the request of the writer of this testimony names have been changed – the original is held at head office. The first question most people ask me is, “how did I become involved with the Jehovah Witnesses”? My answer is that I became involved with the Jehovah Witnesses because I was very vulnerable, which I think is how most…read more →

Laura a Former Spiritualist

My Life as a Spiritualist Supernatural phenomena interested me since childhood. A few psychic episodes as a  child added to the intrigue I felt. My mother had also experienced psychic happenings since her childhood, but didn’t pursue it seriously until later. By the time I began Secondary School, she felt ready to experiment further. When walking her dogs in the…read more →

Gordon a Former Jehovah’s Witness

I first met Jehovah’s Witnesses in March 1971, I would be 20 the following month. I had always had an interest in the Bible, not that my parents had been religious in any sense. But I wanted to know why this particular book had such an influence on people. But really had no idea what to do about it and…read more →

Janet Hayes former Jehovah’s Witness

FROM DECEPTION TO JESUS – THE REAL TRUTH As a child I was very curious about life and God and often wondered what life was all about. My mother professed belief in God but my father didn`t claim to have any faith, but rather was inclined towards belief in evolution. I went to church with mum now and again and…read more →